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Html 5 and CSS3 Class

I just follow where the path leads me...

I am working to revise and rebuild an old web site.

This project is just for my amusement and will probably be unorganized.

This site is just for fun with not a serious reason to be found anywhere.

I am sure ideas will evolve into some kind of pattern or style along the way.

Html 5 and CSS 3 Classes

I have few of those old pages left and have stripped them back to bare basics.

We know the method we used then is now considered a big NO NO...basic page designs built with table after table.

For many years, I took classes at LVS Online. I had a lot of fun and great classes!

So the collection of pages that I have now is truly just that...a collection of different odd designs and html code.

It is a great puzzlement!

Paint Shop Pro x5

One of my favorite tools for digital art work is Paint Shop Pro.

I have been using PSP since some of the earliest versions and still find it is a wonderful tool to design anything and everything.

I have a few pages of classes and designs with PSP.

PhotoshopCs5 and Photoshop Elements12

Two more of my favorite toys.

Once again...classes and ideas using these two tools.

Painter 12 and Painter2015

Love the classes in Painter 12.

This winter I hope to take a few more in the new version...Painter2015.


Several years ago, received a Canon Rebel SLR...and fell in love.

So I had a new toy and lots of classes and books to explore.

I now have another camera to explore...a Nikon SLR.

The site is a great place to post photos!

Final Note...

I hope this page will serve as a beginning outline for this project.


Just a little play from lesson 3.


The Tin Woodman appeared to think deeply for a moment. Then he said:

"Do you suppose Oz could give me a heart?"

"Why, I guess so," Dorothy answered. "It would be as easy as to give the Scarecrow brains."

"True," the Tin Woodman returned. "So, if you will allow me to join your party, I will also go to the Emerald City and ask Oz to help me."

"Come along," said the Scarecrow heartily, and Dorothy added that she would be pleased to have his company. So the Tin Woodman shouldered his axe and they all passed through the forest until they came to the road that was paved with yellow brick.

The Tin Woodman had asked Dorothy to put the oil-can in her basket. "For," he said, "if I should get caught in the rain, and rust again, I would need the oil-can badly."

It was a bit of good luck to have their new comrade join the party, for soon after they had begun their journey again they came to a place where the trees and branches grew so thick over the road that the travelers could not pass. But the Tin Woodman set to work with his axe and scarecrowchopped so well that soon he cleared a passage for the entire party.

Dorothy was thinking so earnestly as they walked along that she did not notice when the Scarecrow stumbled into a hole and rolled over to the side of the road. Indeed he was obliged to call to her to help him up again.

"Why didn't you walk around the hole?" asked the Tin Woodman.

"I don't know enough," replied the Scarecrow cheerfully. "My head is stuffed with straw, you know, and that is why I am going to Oz to ask him for some brains."

Quote from the Wizard of Oz.

It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

____Carl Sagan____