A moment in time, a speck in the eye
A drop in the water, a flash in the sky

A moment in time, a drop of the rain
A laugh of a child, a twinge of some pain

A moment in time, a jump of a frog
A flash of a firefly, the bark of a dog

A moment in time, a smell from the grill
The feel of the wind, the view from a hill

A moment in time, A mistake blindly made
An act of transgression, A word left unsaid

A moment in time, a blink, something missed
The joy of the instant, the feel of a kiss

A moment in time, dismissing the cost
Unless it is cherished, will forever be lost.

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The Path I Have Chosen

This is the path I have chosen to follow...
A path filled with stars because they give me direction.
A path filled with sand and shells because I love the sea.
A path filled with flowers to smell along the way.
A path filled with quaint and curious creatures...just because.
A path in the sunlight because it makes me warm.
A path filled with family because they are love.

The Path I Have Chosen

Moments II

Moments II

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I am not sure of the origin of the poem at the top...
would love to give credit if possible.